How to plant bonsai seeds

Bonsai trees are the same trees that grow outside. The only reason why they stand out is that they are small and often have a shape that is difficult to find in nature. The reason for it is that they are shaped to grow a certain way.

Let’s start with how to germinate the seeds. This is a two-step process. It involves stratification and scarification of the seeds.


Scarification is when you break down hard, the outer shell of the tree seed. This is done mechanically, chemically or thermally. Most bonsai trees need to be soaked in water for 24-48 hours. Here is a chart for common bonsai trees.                                                                              It depends on the type of bonsai. Some seeds will float, and some will sink. Some people recommend removing the floating seeds, because they are presumably not viable. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, keep all the soaked seeds.


After scarification is complete, put the soaked seeds in peat moss, which you can easily purchase online. Then put the peat moss with the seeds in a pot and cover it with a plastic bag. Label the plastic bag, so you can remember when stratification started. Also, write the name of the tree species. Check the seeds regularly and make sure to water the peat moss from time to time. This is an easy process, but can take months. You will need to keep the seeds refrigerated or warm for a long period of time. Refer to the chart mentioned earlier.


When the stratification is complete, you are going to plant the seeds. Find a pot for your bonsai tree, for example, something like this PASTE THE PICTURE. First, add a layer of coarse. Then add a layer of bonsai soil. Plant the seeds on soil, you do not need to push them in. Finally, add a top layer of bonsai soil over the seeds.


  • While your seeds are staying in the fridge for some time you can learn more about bonsai. Here is the bonsai book, which received positive reviews.
  • There is a chance that only a few seeds will germinate, therefore plant lots of them.
  • When you leave the seeds for stratification in the fridge, there is a chance that some of them will germinate. Check on them from time to time and if some seeds sprout you can plant them.